Suburban Comedy In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Tusi transforms a canonical tragedy into a suburban comedy. Using examples from the text, demonstrate how comedy is used to both celebrate and criticise/critique Shakespeare’s play.

Oscar Kightley and Erolia Ifopo’s Romeo and Tusi transform the canonical tragedy of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet into a suburban comedy, specifically targeting a Maori and Pacifika demographic. Romeo and Tusi mimic Shakespeare’s dominant themes of the forcefulness of love and the rivalry between two families through many comedic factors that are used to both celebrate and criticise Shakespeare’s play.
The use of language in the play both celebrates and criticises Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Scene 1 opens with Ruby’s monologue that is identical
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The family feud is a central contributor to the comedic momentum of the play, which in turn celebrates another theme of Shakespeare’s play. Racial slurs, generic stereotyping and preposterous actions, all add to the climax of the play. Mrs Aiu states ‘You know who should be going for a run, that Mrs Heke from next door’ (Romeo and Tusi, p. 4) whilst Mrs Heke tells Anaru to ‘keep your nose clean, and don’t hang out with those stinky islanders’ (Romeo and Tusi, p. 6). The back and forth of insults between the two families creates conflict that parody’s the rivalry seen in Romeo and …show more content…
Through comedic anecdotes serious issues such as New Zealand’s drinking and gambling culture are made clear. Mrs Aiu tells Tusi ‘I have to win back the money I poured into the TAB so I can pay your school fees’ (Romeo and Tusi, p. 3). In a similar provoking situation, Anaru tells Mrs Heke he is going to watch T.V and she responds with ‘Oh no you’re not. I sold it to pay the power bill’ (Romeo and Tusi, p. 12). Shakespeare used tragedy to confront societal issues as Romeo and Tusi was purely through the use of humour.
Language was the evident aspect used to criticise Shakespeare’s work, but overall Kightley and Ifopo celebrated Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet by taking elements from the original to revive the historical ideals to create a contemporary comedic love story that equally impacted the audience of

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