Substance Abuse Problem And Treatment Plan Essay

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Intro In the United States, “8 million people met the criteria for a “substance use disorder” (Smith, M., Stocks, C., & Santora, pg. 109). A treatment plan is a “written document about a person’s substance abuse, and how a health care professional plans to treat them” (Stevens & Jones, pg. 168). The details within the treatment plan “look at what is causing the persons substance abuse problems and what treatments are planned to treat this problem” (Stevens & Jones, pg. 168). Clearly, since we are all “individuals, so too are the treatment plans” (Stevens & Jones, pg. 168). A treatment plan must also “meet the client’s needs, set goals and must be measured to chart and quantify a client’s progress” (Stevens & Jones, pg. 168). Well look at Edward Conner’s substance abuse problem and the treatment plan proposed to help him overcome his substance abuse problem.
Case study
A. Substance Abuse History Edward Connors is a 32 year old Caucasian male who resides with his girlfriend and 4 children one of whom is his. He is very open and honest about his drug and alcohol abuse and past life experiences that have brought him to this moment. Mr. Conner’s states that he is struggling to live a normal life on the outside since being released from prison a year ago. He also seems to feel some responsibility that he wants to take better care of his family. Even though only of the children are his he feels like a father figure to all. Mr. Conner’s stated his drug and alcohol use…

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