Cause And Effect Of Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse has many contributing factors. Substance abuse is the excessive use of drugs and or alcohol. Many people don 't understand why abusers become so dependent on drugs. People who use drugs for a long time can change the structure and function of the brain(webmd). This leads to the impairment of a person 's self-control and the ability to make smart decisions(webmd). Ultimately making the user take more drugs. Using and abusing are two different matters. when someone is using drugs they are using them to treat a problem they have. Abusing on the other hand is using the drug intentionally for the purpose of recreational use, to the point where it becomes an addiction. While it is true that the first use is intentional, the continuous use of a …show more content…
Many other factors can lead to the continuous abuse to substances. Substance abuse is a growing problem in the U.S. today caused primarily by genetics, the environment, and mental disorder. One of the primary reasons for the growth of substance abuse in the United States is genetics. A small percentage of the population may hold genes that contribute to the addiction to drugs and alcohol. These gene does not necessarily make someone addicted to drugs, but they are more susceptible to drugs. Now this doesn 't mean that everyone who is carrying this gene will abuse drugs. It just means that

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