Essay about Substance Abuse And Mental Health Problems

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Substance abuse and mental health problems are serious issues in our society. These problems appear to be associated, so it is necessary to look at both and how they interact (Ramchand). Substance abuse can bring about or exacerbate existing mental health problems, including suicidal ideation and attempts. Medical professionals cannot begin to resolve the issue of substance abuse related suicidal ideation or attempts unless they have an effective solution. A solution cannot be created until there is enough evidence stating that there is a connection between substance abuse and suicide. Researchers need to consider the types of suicidal feelings, environmental factors, emotional factors, and substance abuse factors. Until then this problem will persist with devastating costs. Part of the solution will be determining the type of suicidal feelings the patient is experiencing. If practitioners know why the patient is feeling suicidal, he/she can begin to treat the core of the problem and possibly send the substance abuse into recovery as well (Jennings). Jennings et al. looked at the different types of suicidal feelings. They identified four types of suicidal feelings. Type one is called Avoidance of Painful Consequences. This is the person who feels he or she has ruined all chances of a relationship with the people he or she is close to. The second type is called The Depressive Experience of “Crashing”. In this situation the patient is experiencing depression…

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