Subject Four : Water Resources Essay

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Subject four: Water Resources
1. I was really impressed with the sort of “reality check” this video gives to not only the natives of California but others that have misconceptions about what California is. I liked the state of California being a desert in denial, because if people really take a drive through the state and notice the land and environment is how dry it is. How it’s pretty much dirt everywhere. I also like how they mentioned the inner cities fight for what is left of the water supply and how it exposes how Sacramento hasn’t done anything to try to fix a problem coming up soon. I was really impressed with the public shamming that locals at Long Beach are doing to embarrass those water wasters. I love the idea of imposing fear letting water users know what can happen with water shortages. The plant proposals for desalinization to convert ocean water into drinking water sounds cool in theory but like it was mentioned in the video it costs a lot of energy and has environmental impacts on the ocean which kills larvae and fish. Also all that extra salt can be harmful being put back into the ocean, so I wasn’t too convinced with the idea yet, I think prices should be set high to have people only consume what they need and discourage water wasting.
2. I really liked the video, and thought it was well put together, it didn’t seem like it as hiding anything that people. In regards to representation, I didn’t like that Sacramento still hasn’t tried or is trying to get a…

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