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Research Journal in Organizational Psychology & Educational Studies 2(3) 72-75


© Emerging Academy Resources (2013) (ISSN: 2276-8475) STUDY HABITS AS INFLUENCE OF ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATES IN NIGERIA Ayodele, C.S and Adebiyi, D.R Department of Guidance and Counselling, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Corresponding Author: Ayodele, C.S
__________________________________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT This study examined study habit as a determinant of academic performance of undergraduates in Nigeria. It also investigated how faculty and gender influence their study habit. The study employed a descriptive research survey
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Also, the school, government and all stakeholders should make facilities and materials that facilitate studying available to students. © Emerging Academy Resources KEYWORDS: Study Method, Self Concept, Family Background, Course of Study, Peer Group. _________________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION inefficient study habit leads to academic failure. Education is undoubtedly the greatest instrument in Study habit are measured directly through reports, which man has devised for his own progress. All examination, assessment and rating. Students’ societies therefore have one form of education or attitude and study habit towards any subject has another but; the use in which it is put varies. It is been described as a function of their belief about the often considered being the only way of getting to the subject and implicit evaluative responses with those top in Nigeria and so, failure brings untold hardship beliefs. and frustration to the individual. Over the years, the investigations of the factors that influence academic In Nigeria, there are so many factors that influence performance of students have attracted the interest the ability of students to cultivate effective and and concern of teachers, counsellors, psychologists, efficient study habit. Such factors that are capable of researchers and school administrators. This is

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