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2014-16 Degree Plan (expires August 2022) CORE AND LIBERAL ARTS REQUIREMENTS


Core First-Year Signature Course (UGS 302 or 303)

FR 320E Advanced French I

Core English Composition (RHE 306)

FR 322E Advanced French II

Core Humanities (E 316L, M, N, or P)

FR 326K Intro French Literature I: Middle Ages to 18th Century

Foreign Language (FR 601C and 611C or the equivalent)

FR 326L Intro French Literature II: French Revolution to Present
3 hours chosen from:
FR 340C The Arts in France
FR 340P The Making and Identity of France
FR 340T France and Francophone World Today

Core American and Texas Government (GOV
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120 hours
(excludes M301, PHY 306, PED, PI, KIN 119, SPN 140L, MUS 200, MUS 200A or B)

36 hours upper-division

Upper-Division Writing

21 hours upper-division in residence


Global Cultures (FR 326K/326L)


60 hours in residence in major

Cultural Diversity in the United States

Maximum of 39 hours in one subject
Maximum of 39 hours in one college
(excludes Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences)

Quantitative Reasoning

Maximum 16 hours pass/fail (electives only)

• Flag courses may satisfy other degree requirements.

UT Austin grade point average of 2.00

• One writing flag must be completed outside of Core requirements.
• Global Cultures and Cultural Diversity flags may not be satisfied with the same course.
• Generally, flag requirements can only be fulfilled with in-residence courses; see advisor for details.

Major grade point average of 2.00

2014-16 CATALOG
First-Year Signature Course (Core 090)
Three semester hours chosen from:
Undergraduate Studies: UGS 302 or 303
T C 302 (Plan II only)
English Composition (Core 010)
Three semester hours chosen from:
Rhetoric and Writing: RHE 306 or 306Q (nonnative speakers of English)
E / T C 603A (Plan II only)
Humanities (Core 040 / Liberal Arts)
Three semester hours chosen from:
English: E 316L, 316M, 316N, 316P
E /

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