Students With Learning Disabilities And Adhd Essay

1496 Words Feb 7th, 2016 null Page
Bender,W.(2008).Learning Disabilities Characteristic, Identification and Teaching Strategies(6th ed.) Boston,MA: Pearson Education Incorporation.
In recent decade it has been hard to identify students with a learning disability and ADHD. The author states that there are many similarities between learning disabilities and ADHD. Hyperactivity, lack of staying on task during activity and assignments, being disorganized are characteristics found in both groups. Barkley that 60% of students with a learning disability does have ADHD. However other Health Professionals believe that ADHD and learning disabilities are both actually apart of the same group. For instance in the late 1970 a student would have a learning disability if the student was falling behind grade level and could not focus during class lesson or activities. Furthermore the student would be placed into a classroom for student with learning disabilities. Teachers need to understand the difference between achievement and ability with in the classroom. Achievement is shown when a student has mastered a benchmark or strategy. Ability is shown when a student is able to do there best based upon the students’ capability in completing a task. When a student does not show a huge difference in ability or achievement the child will be identified as child with ADHD instead of a learning disability. The student will then receive an eligibility of Other Health Impairment and receive special educational services in a…

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