The Passion Jeanette Winterson Marxism Analysis

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Struggles of Marxism in a cruel world In the passion by Jeanette Winterson we have two different character that are shown as the major character who happen to survive obstacles that were thrown in their live. As shown in the passion both character have to deal with their economic means, each of them have different ways of dealing with it such as using their emotions or using other people for their needs such as ones skills, This can be seen when Henri, Patrick and Villanelle desert the French army. They also don’t necessarily use money to deal with their economic needs but instead they either relied on themselves or end up using others. Throughout this paper you will see how Marxism played a role in Henri’s and Villanelle live, you’ll also see how the two of them needed each other and how they struggled in order to survive the cruel word they lived in. …show more content…
For one to see how Marxism played a role, we must also know just who and what the characters did before they faced the cruel word they have lived in. Throughout the beginning of the book we first meet Henri, who could be said to be a naive person who only had admiration for his commander Napoleon who happen to love eating chicken. Henri at the time was the cook for Napoleon and he also had to bring him his food by walking in the snowy nights where he could barely see. Napoleon was a selfish person who only cared about himself and winning his wars. Henri who had no money and who was in the military had to endured the cruelty of his commanders selflessness by barely having any light during the night time or having any sort of heat during the winter when he slept. But this wasn’t bad for Henri because he was able to met a guy named Patrick who later on became one of Henri’s

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