Struggles In Rick Bragg's Short Stories

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Silver Hair, Golden Years is a chapter in Rick Bragg’s collection of stories, Somebody Told Me. All five stories, talk about the lives of people that are now older and wiser than they were in the times the stories took place. These stories give us a deeper look at the struggles faced by older generations. The characters in these stories grew up in poverty and hard times, but all turned out to have a good life when they were older and lived to be successful in their own ways.
The characters did not let people buy their happiness nor did they give up what they loved and how they lived for a price. In All She Has, $150,000, Going to a University, Oseola McCarty washed other people’s clothes for a living. She spent almost nothing, and when she
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Struggles were different for the characters in Band Plays On for Class of ’39 than they were for Mr. Thompson in Country Club Meets Enemy: Country Music and Pigs which was during ’99. Although both of these characters struggled, their struggles were very different depending on the time period and current events taking place. Also, the people from the class of ’39 were younger than Mr. Thompson, this played part in just how different their struggles were. In All She Has, $150,000, Going to a University and Woman Clings to Her Paradise money plays a huge role and neither woman will allow money to take away her happiness, but the women are facing different outcomes. While neither wants the money, one will not take it in order to protect the life she has known for years and one gives it away to help others and continues to live as if she never had the money to begin with. This is a very big difference that affects the outcomes of both stories.
All stories had similar plots, but not one story was the same. Some had the same theme like money or struggle, but not one story had the same aspects as the other. This allows one to clearly compare and contrast the stories. Silver Hair, Golden Years focuses on older generations struggling to become successful in the future. While each person struggled, each succeeded in the life they

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