Strict Voter Id Laws Are On Other States Essay example

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Strict Voter ID laws Strict voter ID laws are on certain states. This law affects certain states for voters to have proof of citizenship in order to vote, while other states are not that strict. With the Strict Voter ID laws the votes are at stake because the laws may reduce votes by not allowing those with the correct proof of ID to vote. The purpose of establishing these rules is to make sure that voters have the correct proof of citizenship and identification in order to vote, so that only US citizens are able to vote once. Strict voter ID laws can have an effect on people. Candidates and voters are affected by the laws, since not all voters would want to go through the hassle of going through strict security just to vote. At which, would have less people to vote which can affect candidates from not getting the votes needed to win the campaign. These strict laws affect the behavior of voters to be less interested and annoyed to vote. Also, the strict voter ID laws can affect the behavior of the candidates to be annoyed as well since they are not they are not getting all the votes from supporters due to the strict laws. Strict voter ID laws can deter our democratic ideals. Strict voter ID laws make it difficult to vote by being strict. Our ideals wont be expressed if people are not able to vote for the candidate people want to chose to be in power. Also, US citizens have the right to vote which is being mde sure if by the strict laws allowing those with the…

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