Stri Bhrun Hatya Essay in Marathi

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Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded

Sociology Syllabus
M.A. Second Year (Semester Pattern)

With effect from June 2010


Sociology Syllabus
M.A. Second Year With effect from June 2010 Semester III
Paper IX Classical Sociological Tradition 80 Marks

Paper X

Sociology of Marginalized Communities

80 Marks

Paper XI

Sociology of Change and Development

80 Marks

Paper XII

Gender and Society OR Sociology of Demography

80 Marks

80 Marks

(20 Marks for Iternal Assignment to Each Paper)


Sociology Syllabus M.A. Second Year With Effect from June 2010 Semester III IX Classical Sociological Tradition 80 Marks

Objectives 01. To provide the Sociology Students with the understanding
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