Stress Is A Major Benefactor Of Many Problems For College Students

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Stress is a major benefactor of many problems for college students today. Stress is the compression of too much mental burdens and sometimes physical burdens in too little of a time lapse. When one thinks of stress as an advocate against humanity, one can confer that stress should therefore be annihilated from the daily lifestyle of college students. Stress can cause psychological and physical problems such as insomnia, depression, substance abuse, anxiety, abuse of themselves or others around them, trembling, and more. Freshman obtains stress through moving to a new environment, and seniors obtain stress by becoming closer to graduation and jumping into the job market. College students have higher stress levels due to future employment opportunities and their current financial burden rather than current employment opportunities and national and global economic viewpoint. Solutions that can be used to help students relieve stress is meditation, increasing self-confidence, and support from friends, loved ones and faculty. Even though stress has many negative side effects, some people believe that there is a positive to the effects of stress. Although some suggest that stress is a good thing for college students, it is arguable that stress is an unhealthy thing for scholars and students must eliminate stress from their way of life.
In “The Effect of Meditation on Physical and Mental Health in Junior College Students: A Quasi-Experimental Study” by Chen-Kuan Huang, Whei-Ming…

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