Stress And Anxiety, Depression, Anxiety And Suicidal Ideation?

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The population of interest for this research study will include at least seven PSY 510 and/or PSY-520 students enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University. The researcher will then ask the random respondents for consent and approval to answer the psychological tests until the desired number is reached. In addition, the researcher will maintain confidentiality among the respondents and personal identifiable information such as name, social security number, date and place of birth should not be collected.
In this research study, two psychological instruments are going to be used to measure the variables depression, anxiety, stress and suicidal ideation. This are; Depression Anxiety Stress Scale 21-item version (DASS-21)
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The DASS-Depression focuses on reports on low mood, motivation, and self-esteem, DASS-Anxiety on physiological arousal, perceived panic and fear, and DASS-Stress on tension and irritability (Parkitny, L., & McAuley, J., 2010). The test has 21 items with seven items for each variable. The rating scale is from 0 to 3 whereby 0 - did not apply to me at all (NEVER), 1 - applied to me to some degree, or some of the time (SOMETIMES), 2- applied to me to a considerable degree, or a good part of time (OFTEN), and 3 – applied to me very much, or most of the time (ALMOST ALWAYS). This test takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Subscale scores are converted to the DASS normative data by multiplying the total scores by …show more content…
All the basic features of the data in the study will be describe by descriptive analysis, such as mean, standard deviation and demographic data of the respondents. Descriptive analysis is use to present quantitative descriptions in a manageable form. Then, Significance (2-tailed) will be used to test the strength of the association of the variables in the study. Strong positive correlations will have p-values of 0.5 to 0.0, and strong negative correlations have values of 0.0 to -0.05. (Positive correlation will occur if the two variables being compared moves in tandem. In other words, positive correlation exists when one variable increases as the other one increases, or one variable decreases while the other increases as well.) Then followed by medium, weak and no correlation. Lastly, multiple regression analysis will be used to predict the value of a variable based on the value of two or more variable. In this research study, this process will be conducted to understand whether suicidal ideation can be predicted based on the three major psychological factors (e.g. anxiety, depression, and

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