Strengths And Weaknesses Of Greenpeace

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Greenpeace is such a large non-profit organization, and because of that they have so many opportunities to succeed and grow. Along with their positive opportunities comes threats to their foundation. I have developed a SWOT analysis of their organization to really put in perspective all these areas.
Starting out with their many strengths, Greenpeace Foundation has the funds currently to keep expanding and helping out other sectors of the world. They have the financial help if need be, banks are willing to loan money to their organizations and give grants. They also receive funds from their many members, Greenpeace it is the largest environmental organization in the world, with an international membership of over 3 million people. This is a huge benefit for them because one of their main sources of income comes from member’s monthly donations. They are tax exempt because of their standings in the IRA which is hugely beneficial. Another strength is the barrier
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Their leadership comes from their Board of Directors. Greenpeace International has seven members on their board, including a treasurer and head chair. This Board of Directors is there to approve budget and audited accounts, and also to appoint and supervise Greenpeace International’s Executive Director. The International Board responsibilities also include decision making and approving campaign issues, organizational policies, global program plans, opening of new national organizations, ratifying the Greenpeace International Annual General Meeting decisions, and allowing the rights to use Greenpeace organizations trademark. Next to their International Board of Directors, they have board members for Greenpeace USA. This list of members is longer, including fifteen people. They deal with the issues going on here in the United States. Their role is necessary, but slightly more trivial in the grand scheme of Greenpeace Foundations

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