Strengths And Weaknesses Of Disney

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Register to read the introduction… Second with the theme parks the company achieves at most families with younger children and teenagers. Some actions was taken to bring more mature public to its theme parks such as serve wine in some park's restaurants and recently Disney bought Marvel which targeted not only children but adults as well. In addition Disney’s brand is associated with its specific target audience which limits partnerships with other companies, not all kind of products want or can be associated with children target …show more content…
One suggestion to take advantage from potential opportunities would be invest in new attractions to the theme parks, bring to theme parks attractions inspired by the latest successful Disney’s movies. But not bring the same attractions to all theme parks, we can invest in some different attractions to different locations, so that will increase revenues by attracting people to visit more theme parks in different locations, and also visit the parks that they already know to try the different attractions based on their favorite …show more content…
They will be aware to major expenditures, so a weak economy period could be a threat to our kind of business.
Regarding to the copyrights the piracy is the major enemy for a creative producer company, piracy diminish potential earnings in revenue to the company every year and need to be considered a threat.
In this industry is too hard to find and also afford creative labor, regarding the competition with others companies, this kind of professional is very difficult to retain which can be considered another threat. The best thing to do is not only find and recruit the best professionals in the market, we also need offering good benefits, attractive salaries, and make the work environmental a healthy and enjoyable environmental in order to attract and retain these professionals, especially with the high competition out

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