Street Lights Essay

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Repair or Replacement of Non-working Street Lights The repair or replacement of non-working street lights in several areas of the city has caused hazardous driving conditions due to low visibility. The city has decided to make the repair and replacement of these lights a priority.
Identifying the problem: Although the city has already stated that nonworking street lights has the culprit to the problem the real problem is low visibility. At what level of light output is conditions considered acceptable; for instance is a 1000 watt bulb considered adequate for 500 feet of road? Is this acceptable for all roads? Is a residential area roads need different lighting requirements as a highway or what about historic areas that want to maintain
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Assuming your writing a computer program to resolve this problem a flow chart would better layout this than the rough outline below. All options or paths that could be taken by such a program are not represented below.
Is the road in a historic section of town? If yes, no changes will be made.
What is the type of road?
Does the current lighting meet the set standards for this type of road?
If not how far apart are the light poles? Install new light poles if needed
What watt bulbs are in the poles? Install higher wattage bulbs if needed
Test the solution: Since the low visibility has caused hazardous conditions I reasonable to compare traffic reports concerning accidents in the same areas to see if there has been a drop in reported accidents after installing the new lighting standards.
Represented above in my comments about each step multiple specific questions would arise causing addition questions to be asked in order to achieve a desired result for each specific instance at times after while asking these different questions I felt a need to return to previous steps several times. Each step revealed many different aspects to the problem; roughing the problem could have solved by asking; is the light working, if not fix it, however this was assuming the lights were the problem when low visibility was the problem, so one had to ask if the existing light were adequate, then that caused the

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