Strategic Plan, Part Iii: Balanced Scorecard Essay

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Conceptualizing Business
Children’s Resale Shop is a store for parents to purchase and sell quality children’s items. Just like any other organization Children’s Stop Resale Shop needs to have a vision, mission, and values in determining the strategic direction of the business. Developing the vision is important to know what direction the business is heading in. Laying out the guiding principles and values will assist in guiding the business in the correct directions. Children’s Stop Resale Shop will assist the community in becoming a better place by setting good examples. Mission Statement
Children’s Stop Resale Shop specializes in quality children’s items. Children’s Stop Resale Shop is a resale store focused on the quality
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Values The values for the business are important to determine how successful the business will be. Honestly is the number one factor that will need to be a top focus for the business. Holding the employees at a high honesty standard is important. The community is relying on the owners to be honest with prices and the quality of the items in the store. The community will embrace a business with amazing values in regard to culture, social responsibility, and ethics. The culture in which the business is will be in will focus on the ways the business will succeed. The business will need to focus on the decisions that will affect the community in any way, no matter if the affects are positive or negative. Making ethical decisions will assist the business owners in making decisions that will affect the community in the most positive of ways.
Strategic Direction The strategic direction is a course of action that leads to the achievement of the goals of an organization's strategy (Business dictionary). The strategic direction for the Children’s Stop Resale Shop is a positive direction. The Shop will purchase items to sell and pay the parents 40% or the sale price. This will show the community the owners are honest will prove the owners do not determine how much an individual will receive based on the item or who the individuals is. The ability to act in a way that will assist the business owners in achieving the goals set upon

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