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!ATelecommunication Industry
Telecommunications industry deals with the activities and services of electronic systems for transmitting messages through cables, telephone, radio or television. PLDT is the largest and most diversified telecommunications company in the Philippines. * Total service revenue for the global telecom services market for 2012 is $1.7 trillion or 2.4% of global GDP (gross domestic product) in 2012.

PLDT Competitive Position
PLDT is the leading telecommunication company in the Philippines. PLDT’s business segment are PLDT completed the re-organization of its business units designated to serve the segmented individual, home and enterprise markets. Which enables PLDT to maintain a single-minded focus on
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* NCignal TV (our direct-to-home satellite tv business) gives us the ability to provide robust video content nationwide at HD quality. * PLDT bought 20%Meralco also has a large residential subscriber base which the PLDT Group can tap or cross-marketing and cross-selling initiatives Meralco’s posts can and do carry wires of all sorts. * *
* the country’s president, asked the country’s leading telecommunications companies to cut texting charges by half, saying that short message service (SMS) has become a vital necessity even among the poor. * Globe's figures still show steady growth in the prepaid market. * A slowdown in manufacturing export orders in China would trigger a decline in demand for manufacturing components – in particular electronics, electrical components and semiconductors – from countries such as the Philippines. * Globe Telecom embarked on a major network modernization program. Globe has undertaken a modernization program starting last year in order to accommodate more traffic and subscribers. * -------------------------------------------------
Globe Telecom takes over BayanTel one of PLDT competitor

Competitors analysis
PLDT PLDT will be the preferred full service provider of voice, video and data at the most attractive levels of

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