Stranger in the Village Essay

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Decreasing Racism
African American racial tension has decreased drastically, since the fifties our country has leaps and bounds towards equality. James Baldwin wrote Stranger in the Village, and he wrote about his experience living in a small Swiss village and how he was able to evaluate the American society and its issues of race. Baldwin specifically focused on African American racial issues. Baldwin makes arguments about how race is treated much different in Europe, he also argued how there are still a lot of problems with American society that need to be changed. I agree with Baldwin's thoughts however this essay is outdated and isn't completely relevant to our society today; however some of the broader ideas are. One of Baldwin's
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Baldwin wrote this essay before the Civil Rights Movement so he didn't have anything good to say about America at this time. Our society today doesn't want to go back to earlier European times of simplicity; we want that diversity and we want everyone to have a fair chance to be respected, to succeed. Diversity is key to why America and Americans themselves are much different then any other country. Baldwin mentioned how no other country has had such a huge impact on black men and how black men have in turn had a huge impact on us. I definitely agree with Baldwin because that's history, we can look at text books to prove that. I do however question Baldwin's intentions by writing this. I believe that he is saying this to show why our country was so racist and how it's taking such a long time to settle the dispute. Again I agree but as I said earlier his thoughts aren't relevant to our society today, we have made leaps and bounds in accepting African Americans. Before the Civil Rights Movement the black man was identified as the inferior being that deserved less then the "Whitman". Today they are identified as equals and in some cases strong willed individuals for those who came from the ghetto and surpassed all odd against them. There is still some relevance however, there are always going to be people out there that won't accept an idea or person; our country is ran

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