Stragegic Pan Essay

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Consider a medium-sized IT organization that faces intense competition. Two of the organization’s goals derived from its strategic plan are as follows:
Goal #1: To increase the sales of the company software products
Goal #2: To hire 50 more workers during the calendar year

TRM Mission: To accommodate people with the software needed to better serve the public offering at best value software for your computer systems.
TRM Vision: To offer customers the option to highly secure information technologies to enable the efficient and effective accomplishment of software on their computer systems.
TRM Strategic Goals:
Goal 1: Use IT to improve TRM Business processes and customer focus
Goal 2: Create a secure IT environment and computer
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Objective 2: TRM is to hire employees who have an associates or a bachelor degree in IT technology. Or have graduated from an accredited institution.
Objective 3: TRM is to hire employees who are well trained and have experience and are able to perform these tasks in an appropriate manner and time.
Objective 4: TRM employees are to Implement IT projects that achieve business requirements within cost and schedule
Objective 5: Maximize the use of commercially available technologies for our customers
Objective 6: To use appropriate customer service stills needed to provide the best service possible to customers when it comes to sales of software and installing software and general information about software.
Goal 2: Create a business of 50 staff in a calendar year Strategy | Target Timeline | 1 month | 2 months | 3 months | Hire employees with IT degrees | | x | | | Interview with intent to Hire. | | x | | | Having appropriate personnel in place. | | x | | | Hire monthly | | x | | |

Goal 3: Maintain a world-class IT workforce
Objective 1: Recruit, develop, and retain a highly skilled and technologically competent IT workforce with knowledge of the TRM software and computer systems.
A skilled employee is to engaged, and continually learning IT workforce is necessary for TRM to achieve both its business and IT goals. The employee is to continue to

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