Stop Being Afraid Of The Food Industry Essay

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Over the past 55 years, obesity rates have skyrocketed. According to the CDC, 13.4% of adults were obese in 1960 (Green, "U.S. Adult Obesity Rates Since 1960") and have since then nearly tripled to a whopping 35.7% in 2015 (CDC, "Adult Obesity Facts"). It is a statistic all too apparent in society today. When one observes how culture has evolved to satisfy the immediate needs of the self rather than one’s whole well being, it is easy to picture how this percentage climbed up so high. With this in mind, judge’s winner Maria and reader’s winner Matt Bowers, for a writing contest in Slate Magazine, sought to reason with how to treat this crisis. Maria’s article “Stop Being Afraid of the Food Industry” looks at how new health laws may fight obesity (302-03) while Matt Bowers’ article “Push Play Instead of Push-Ups” looks at bringing physical activity to the full range of individuals (304-07). Taking the initial article into consideration, Matt Bowers challenges readers to rethink the problem and see how there does not have to be pain in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. The keys are the focus of government funding and to what one attributes the issue of obesity. Painting a picture of ineffectiveness, Bowers explains how current programs fail to entice many (304-05). He utilizes smart word choice to express such emotion as when he discusses how joy in exercise has been “systematically corroded from our national subconscious” (304). This implies a deeper subtext showing…

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