Steven Spielberg's Life And Movies

Steven Spielberg was born on December 18, 1947, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was the eldest of four children. Steven’s father, Arnold, was an electrical engineer who designed computers, and his mother, Leah, was an accomplished pianist. Spielberg’s father moved the family frequently as he pursued jobs around the country, but they finally settled in Phoenix, Arizona. School proved to be difficult for Spielberg. He had trouble making friends because he moved so often, and at school he was constantly teased because he was often the only Jewish student. But movies are what he focused his time on. At the age of twelve, Spielberg decided to start making movies. He bought his own supplies with the money that he earned from working in the family tree business. His mother would help with the special effects and his siblings acted in them. By age 13, Spielberg had won a challenge for his 40-minute war motion picture Escape to Nowhere. And in 1964, he made a movie almost two hours long. …show more content…
College held minimal enthusiasm for Spielberg, however, he invested a large portion of his energy into making movies. In the summer of 1966, he snuck into Universal Studios in a suit and chilled with the director, writers, and editors on set. Spielberg got his big break when Universal Television’s Sid Scheinberg saw Spielberg’s short film, Amblin,’ that he made in 1969, and offered him a contract. Spielberg left school and signed the seven-year contract with Universal. He became the youngest director for

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