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Brett Ratner net worth
Brett Ratner was born on 28th March 1969 in Miami Beach, Florida USA. He Brett Ratner is the name signed behind Rush Hour film series as a director. He is most famous by that endeavor. Other notable works as a director and producer include, “The Family Man”, “X-Men: The Last Stand” and “Tower Heist”.
His eye has been behind the director camera since 1990.
So how much exactly is Brett Ratner rich? According to sources it is estimated that Brett Ratner`s net worth is $65 million. Amount gained mostly by successful productions of films, but his career also expands onto the directing music videos for various famous artists that include Madonna, Mariah Carrey, Mary J. Blige and Jessica Simpson.

Brett Ratner Net Worth $65
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He graduated from Miami Beach Senior High and attended NYU film school. His career started by directing hip hop and rap videos for his friend Russell Simmons, his big break was when Simmons recommended him for the film “Money Talks” (1997). He used that chance the best way he could, and now he is a renowned director and producer known throughout whole Hollywood. Following the success of the film “Money Talks” (1997), came the first film of the franchise that made him this popular today, “Rush Hour” (1998). During next few years it was quite easy for him to land a job, and Ratner increased his net worth through films, “Family Man” (2000), “Rush Hour 2” (2001), and also returning to what has started all this, music videos. Only this time, videos were for more famous artists, including Madonna and a video for her song “Beautiful Stranger” (1999). He continued working the music videos and collaborating with artists such as, Mariah Carrey, he directed a video for songs “Heartbreaker” (1999) and “We Belong Together” (2005). In 2007 Ratner directed “Rush Hour 3”, the film was no less of a success than its prequels, but for now it is the last one in the

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