Steven Pinker 's Revenge Of The Nerds Essay example

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Monkey Business Everything has an origin, even us humans, but how, when, and where did we evolve?
Steven Pinker’s Revenge of the Nerds contains two parts that. In the first, he identifies and examines the four traits that aid the evolution of human intelligence; this builds a background on the subject at hand. Then, the second, goes on to discuss the evolution of our mind and culture concurrently developing, thus, the standard timetable is inaccurate. Although Pinker does employ the elements of argument to defend his claim(s), sometimes efficiently, sometimes incompetently, his structure is faulty and unclear, so his ideas were not presented in the best way. The article starts off strong with Pinker’s first point, that “our ancestors had four traits that made it especially easy and worth their while to evolve better powers of casual reasoning” (191), being thoroughly introduced and discussed. Pinker maintains that our predecessors had traits that allowed them to evolve their intelligence- their vision, group living, precision hands, and ability to hunt- and throughout the first part, he mostly gives suitable examples on how the importance of said traits helped advance intelligence. For example, he discusses how vision allowed for earlier primates to survive, particularly depth perception and color vision, which has created two systems that classifies objects and locations (191). This clearly shows that our mind is able to understand abstract thoughts and view…

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