Essay on Stephen King : The Most Famous And Successful Horror Writers

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Stephen King is a well-known American author of contemporary, science fiction, fantasy, and suspense books, but he is recognized as one of the most famous and successful horror writers of all time. Many of his books have been sold and made into feature films, comic books, and even television shows. King has won numerous awards for his popular writings. It was clear at a young age that King had a love for writing. Although, he wasn’t always so famous, he started as a regular high school student writing articles in the schools newspaper. Eventually his passion grew into something he could do for a living.
King was born in Portland, Maine in 1947, but not longer afterwards, his parents got divorced. His mother mostly raised him, but he spent parts of his childhood with his father’s family. It was not an easy transition for him to have two separate homes but he made it work, just like all of his other obstacles. For instance, King was pulled out of school for missing too much of the first grade, but he used this as an opportunity to use his free time to write. At first he started a story that he copied out of another book, but then his mother inspired him to create something of his own. King commented “I remember an immense feeling of possibility at the idea, as if I had been ushered into a vast building filled with closed doors and had been given leave to open any I liked. There were more doors than one person could ever open in a life time, I thought” (para. 5). This was an…

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