Stem Cells And Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem cells are cells that are found in almost all multicellular organisms. In 1908, a histologist, Maksimov, proposed stem cells. These cells have the ability to develop into many different cells that serve as an internal repair system in tissues. Stem cells are the objects in biomedical research and are differentiated from other cells.
Embryonic stem cells are from the earliest stage of human embryo that develop into eggs by in-vitro fertilization. Embryonic stem cells are derived from the blastocysts and are pluripotent instead of totipotent because they do not have the ability to become a part of the extra-embryonic membranes.
Pluripotent stem cells are capable of giving rise to any tissue, but not to functioning organisms. Induced pluripotent stem cells offer immense potential for regenerative medicine and studies of development and diseases. The methodologies and efficiency of stem cells and embryonic stem cells would help us to understand its purpose and significance.

Embryonic stem cells and stem cells
Both cells have it advantages and disadvantages. One difference between the two has to do with the amount of differentiated cell types that can be produced. Embryonic stem are pluripotent so they are capable of becoming any part of the body. Stem cells are limited to its differentiations from its origin. Since large numbers of stem cells are necessary for cell replacement therapies so embryonic stem cells are more efficient because it can be grown easily in culture.…

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