Stem Cell Research For Stem Cells Essay

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Stem cells research could eventually help lead to cures for numerous diseases. Cancer, for example, affects one in four Americans, and takes 1,800 lives every day. Heart disease affects 64 million people, costing hospitals $368 million (Germinder, Hills). There are many potential uses for stem cells. Stem cells can be transformed into almost anything. It is crucial in the health industry to understand how stem cells are extracted, how they are beneficial, and how the research for stem cells is funded and supported.
Stem cell research is preformed in many different ways. There are different procedures that doctors and scientists use to extract them. Stem cells are very different than any other normal specialized cell. A stem cell is a cell that has the potential to turn into many different kinds of cells. To understand that, think about your own body. It contains dozens of different cell types. You have skin cells, which are completely different from liver cells, which are different from the cells that create tooth enamel, which are all different from muscle cells. But all those different types of cells came originally from stem cells (Brain). Given the potential benefits of stem cell use, you can only imagine there must be a complex procedure to extract them.
There are two different types of stem cells, embryonic and adult. The embryonic stem cells are actually more beneficial and have more potential uses in becoming different body parts and helping cure diseases. Embryonic…

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