Stem Cell Research Argument Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The arguments surrounding stem cell research are basically the same as those surrounding abortion. Many people believe that life begins as soon as fertilization occurs; however, others believe an embryo in the early stages is not considered human life. “The plan to sacrifice embryos for a revolutionary new kind of research has reawakened a long-dormant academic debate about the morality of destroying developing human life” (Ruse 151). Many, who believe that embryonic stem cell research is unethical, claim that all humans have a right to life. However, this constitutional right is vague and does not offer many positive rights. Americans cannot ask the federal government to protect them from disease, disasters, or acts of nature. Therefore, “If a frozen human embryo is a full human person, it still has no right to life per se, but rather a negative right against unwarranted violence and a weak positive right to a set of basic social services” (Ruse 153). Also, opponents of stem cell research should not overlook the fact that many embryos are destroyed yearly by fertility clinics because there is no longer a need for them. If the destruction of embryos is already occurring, the donation of embryos to further scientific research on embryonic stem cells should be …show more content…
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