Stearns Book Chapter 1 Notes Essay

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Notes from Stearns’ text book World Civilization

1:1 The Neolithic Revolution (10-13)
• Farming initially developed in the Middle East, the Fertile Crescent. Grains such as barley and wild wheat were abundant. Also, not heavily forested, and animals were in short supply, presenting a challenge to hunters. 10,000 BCE to 8,000 BCE. Notice: it took thousands of years for this “revolution” so not fast but profound for history. Agriculture was hard for many hunting and gathering peoples to adopt – lots of work. Those in agricultural communities developed diseases, which they became immune. The agricultural people would unintentionally infect the hunters.
• Americas agriculture began as early as 5,000 BCE, especially in Central
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o Economic: used silver as and early form of money o Akkadians took over and continued much of the Sumerian culture o Babylonians extended the empire o 2100 BCE invasion by Semitic peoples from the south. Eventually large political units declined in favor of smaller city-states or regional kingdoms.

2. Egyptian Civilization – Nile River o by 3000 BCE, benefited from the trade and technological influence of Mesopotamia and less open to invasion  a unified state throughout most of its history o Economy more government-directed than Mesopotamia, which had a more independent business class. o Egyptian influence spread up the Nile o Science and alphabet was not as elaborate as Mesopotamia; Mathematics were more advanced (day divided into 24 hours); Art not only in tombs but also

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