State Of Stability In Brave New World

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In the novel, Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley describes a perfect Utopian society that was created by the World State in order to achieve a state of stability. The artificial society dehumanizes mankind to attain the world state’s motto, “community, identity, stability” Huxley’s fictional world is maneuvered with a brainwashing system very similar to a factory where how everything is controlled. After successfully manipulating every single aspect to creating a “happy” world it comes at a great cost, individuality.
In order to maintain stability, the novel implicatively insinuates that individuality must not be present. Mustapha Mond, one of the ten controllers of the World State mentions that “ there is no civilization without stability. No social stability without individual
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Mond himself has made sacrifices for the sake of social stability and utilizes his power to place limits and controls on science and the arts of instability might result. Originality is basically dangerous to the artificial society that the government tried to create. Bernard, for an example, has become an enemy of the World State by becoming an individual. Becoming an individual is something that absolutely threatens the World State because it can be influencing others which would break the system of the superficial world.
I personally do not agree with Mustapha Mond with sacrificing real feelings and emotional attachments for a stable society. Individual thoughts and behavior makes up a society. What is the point of getting rid of individuality to create an artificial society? The price is indeed not worth paying at all. Individuality is what makes us

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