State Bank Of Pakibi Case Study

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OG2 – Candidate 23

Q1. Who appoints the Banking Mohtasib? Discuss the characteristics, jurisdiction and the tenure of holding office of the Banking Mohtasib. (10 Marks)

The Banking Mohtasib is appointed by the president of Pakistan with consultations of the state bank of Pakistan.


The banking Mohtasib is appointed for a tenure of three years.


The Banking Mohtasib's main task is to see that the banking sector is not impeding to rights of the citizens of country in any banking related matter. The salary and status of banking motasib is equal to that of high court Judge. He could be removed from office if he is incapable of performing his duties due to any inability that
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Discuss the functions of State Bank of Pakistan? (10 Marks)


The state bank of Pakistan performs very important functions for the fiscal and monetary health of the country's financial system. The state bank of Pakistan was establish on 1948 by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As Karachi is the financial heart of Pakistan thus the headquarter of State bank of Pakistan is also located in Karachi.


The SBP not only regulates the the banking sector but it is also the lander of the last resort along with being the advice to the Government of Pakistan. There are a number of functions related of the financial sector of pakistan that are performed by the Bank. like;

1, The State bank is the bank of issuance of notes:

the State Bank of Pakistan is the authority in Pakistan that issues currency notes. It regulate the notes in markets and reprints new notes and call back old notes as per the policy of the Bank. This was the economy is given fuel to operate and the wheel of economy keeps on moving.


The State Bank of Pakistan is the Bank of government. It lends money to government when it needs money for the verity of works that the government
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It has many responsibility from advising the government to issuing notes to regulation the banks. Thus one can not discount the role that is played by the state bank in the management of the economy,

Q3. Write a short note on Freedom of Right to travel abroad enshrined in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. (10 Marks)


The constitution of Pakistan, 1973 gives the citizen of Pakistan some fundamental rights from Article 8 to 28. The rights to travel as it is a fundamental right that is enshrine in the constitution of Pakistan, 1973. Thus right to travel as a fundamental right it is inalienable right but that right is also subject to certain limitations. such as the order from government in case of emergency.


As a respectable member of nations of the world, Pakistan gives its citizen permission to travel abroad with valid visa subject to limitations like their being an order against a person not to leave the country by a court of complainant jurisdiction or that the foreign country does not have diplomatic relations with pakistan, only country that Pakistan does not acknowledge is the state of Israel; thus citizen of pakistan is not allowed travel to

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