Stand And Hit Or Ground Essay

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Stand and Hit or Ground and Submit?

Are you a good "ground fighter"? Or maybe you prefer a stand-up style of self-defense/martial arts? In a self-defense situation (not a competition), would you try to take the fight to the ground (grappling/wrestling), or would do your best to stay on your feet (standup/striking)? Many styles do focus on one of these two options. Some are more standup/striking oriented like Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, and Boxing/Kick-Boxing. These rely mainly upon punches, kicks, elbow/knee and other strikes, along with some standing grabs, pins, and even throws. Others like Brazilian Jijitsu and Judo focus on taking the fight to the ground and winning the fight via various grappling techniques. Of course, many schools incorporate both types of fighting into their curriculum. There is a reason for the use of "focus" and "oriented." A couple opening questions: How many "real life" fights actually end up on the ground? How many of them start on the ground?

The question is not about whether you want your opponent on the ground or not. Almost all styles incorporate some extent of throws for a reason. Throwing or knocking your enemy to the ground in some fashion is almost always a good move. (All real life fights will probably end with the loser on the ground). However, the question here is whether you should want to follow them to the ground or remain on your feet.

Stand-Up Fighting Pros:

More flexibility:

Not taking a fight to…

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