St. Valentine Research Paper

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Bodies fell like apples from a tree to the ground in deep prayer and the sound of it echoed through the sanctuary of the Church of St. Valentine. At dire times such as this, extreme measures had to be taken. The blood of a pure youth, a delectable sacrifice in the eyes of their savior, filled the room with a certain smell that made the mind alert and the heart pound. Her blood spilled on the altar, the lifeless body of Maylene Lagorio looked like a sleeping angel’s in the light of the midnight moon.
Poor Maylene. It just had to be done.
All of the People had been set on edge at the horrible and unfortunate news brought to the church by Magdalena Katherine, a devout follower of the People of Valentine’s Way and a City Councilwoman. At this
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The sacrifice was identified as Catalina Valenti, arguably the most important and most loved woman in Arcea, known by everyone in the city. Her body burned to ashes on the altar of the Church of St. Valentine at six o’clock in the morning. This foolish action spurned the most tragic, bloody massacre in Monoran history, which would later be called the ‘Bloodbath of St. Valentine’. Over five thousand deaths occurred when civilians, from the poor in health, the homeless, the young, the old, the poor, and wealthy, finally accepted that there was no hope left in Arcea. Ironically, many found their last hope by allying with despair as a war of attrition began, in which many people participated in an unintelligible slaughter, hoping to die in the fight rather than live another day in the city they had loved… and then grown to hate. In a sense, this city had become chaos, tragedy, hatred, and sin. At the end of St. Valentine’s Day, formerly known as the day of love in many societies, more hate and despair had been created than ever thought imaginable. At the end of the day… according to church membership records found at the Church of St. Valentine (which was burned to the ground later that night), one member remained alive - Adelina

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