Spum Case Study Of The Pathophysiology Of Asthma

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Case Study -- Steven
Steven is a 15-year-old indigenous boy, who has asthma since he was two. He shows up in the hospital and complains about shortness of breath. Steven stays with his mother and 6 siblings in a remote town in rural Australia. Based on Steven’s situation, this essay will discuss about the pathophysiology about asthma, and then evaluate the nurse’s role of providing the nursing care for both Steven and his family.
Harver and Kotses (2010) define asthma as the chronic inflammatory disorder of the airway. Asthma is a respiratory condition, which is mainly caused by the inflammatory response and narrowing of the airway. The common symptoms could be coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath (Khazan, 2013).
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His symptom may be an acute asthma attack. The possible treatment could be to assess the severity, start oxygen therapy, and administer systemic corticosteroids. The nurse should assess Steven’s observation especially his respiratory function and his respond to the treatments repeatedly (National Asthma Council Australia, 2014). After Steven’s shortness of breath is resolved, he still needs to be closely observed and provided with follow-up care.
Steven’s asthma has been well controlled for years with relievers, preventers and steroidal anti-inflammatories. However, the nurse figures that he has been smoking for two years and he does not compliant with his asthma manage plan and his medications. To manage asthma and control symptom, Steven and his mother should be educated to follow his Asthma Action Plans (Kozier et al., 2015). The health care professionals will assess recent asthma symptom control and risk factors. Hedman, Bjerg, Sundberg, Forsberg and Rönmark (2011) point out that Environmental tobacco smoke and personal smoking could both significantly effect asthma and wheeze in teenagers, while personal smoking has close relation to asthma symptoms. Regarding Steven’s condition, his asthma symptom could possibly caused by smoking cigarettes. Therefore, the nurse should advise Steven to quit smoking, as smoking is a common trigger of

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