Sports Related Concussions And Concussions Essay

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Concussions and brain injuries caused by sports related accidents are things that happen all the time, and they do not seem like threatening things, but they are extremely dangerous to student athletes’ health. The most common sports that produce concussions are soccer, football, and equine related sports. If a person receives multiple concussions they can have major effects on the student’s health and education. Concussions can have effects on the student’s academic performance and it can keep them out of school for weeks. Sports related concussions account for thirteen percent of injuries among high school students (Pro Sports: An Overview). That is quite a bit. Concussions are so easy to get, but very hard to get rid of. Sports related concussions can be easily prevented and should not be taken lightly; athletes need to get serious to prevent them from occurring. A concussion is a mildly traumatic brain injury caused by blunt force to the head. Concussions can happen due to automobile accidents, falls, and sports. Some of the symptoms of a concussion are dizziness, fatigue, headaches, sensitivity to light, and forgetfulness. The best way to treat them is to stay away from electronics, music, television, bright lights, and reading. If the concussion is extremely severe, hospitalization may be necessary. If there have been multiple concussions to a person, there can even be long term brain damage. Seizures can even occur after concussions which can also cause long term…

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