spoken language Essay

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Transcript one:

Me: Yoo wagone Fats, you aight?

Fats: Yeye, you? Where’s Fabz?

Me: Oh erm nah I dunno where she’s at man, I think she stayed at home instead yanoe

Fats: Oh is it? (2) Maan!

Me: Trust her to not come into school you know, aah man

Fats: Just watch when she gets to school tomorrow. Gonna make sure she’s sorry.

Thanz: (Enters) Hellooo babesh, youse lot aight…

Me: … (Cuts through) heyoo “BABESH” lawls

Thanz: allow me doe, oh yeah err where’s flabzilla at maan?

Me: she’s at erm wotsits…

Fats: … (cuts through) at home probs watching tv and yeah, you know eating oreos and that. Err man

Me: HEEEEY! Oreos are ber nice you know, gosh!

Thanz: Oh anyways guys, I gotta go do my French
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For example Shaun paused after saying ‘say swears!’. In this case he is shocked by the incident he need reassurance. he then continues with ‘ehh you know…’ The use of ‘ehh’ is a filler. In linguistics, fillers don’t really mean a separate word however they are sound repetitions which humans make without realising, that help carry on conversations smoothly. similarly to pausing, fillers also give time for the speaker to think what to say next. Although pauses and fillers help speakers think through, it can be used as an advantage by the listener to interrupt as they are getting bored of the wait or their interest of the topic is being drained by the constant pausing. If in an interview you kept on pausing and saying fillers like ‘uhm, erm, uhh’ the interviewer may think you are unprepared. They may also think you lack in quick thinking response therefore it takes longer for you to think your answers through. My second transcript is different in form of context compared to the first as it is more formal. It is a conversation carrying on from the previous incident between a teacher and a student. Although the student does struggle speaking Standard English throughout the whole transcript, the teacher still reply’s in a formal manner but using assertive language. This is because it is part of the teacher’s duty to act professional as she is at work and also as a teacher she will have a better understanding

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