Essay on Spoken Language Study

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Spoken Language Study

Lord Sugar’s idiolect stands out in this transcript because it’s completely different to the candidates. His language features are very informal which is surprising considering they are in a boardroom and you would expect everyone to be professional, especially Lord Sugar, as he is the boss.

Alan’s informality is shown with his cockney accent and the fact he uses elision and slang in his dialect, such as “dunno”, “talkin” and “should’a”. This shows that is so assured with his position of power and authority over the contestants that he doesn’t have to use upwards convergence to bring him closer to the contestants by changing his idiolect and giving people a more highly regarded perception of himself because
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During the conversation Lord Sugar repeatedly uses “you” in an assertive tone, addressing them directly and making sure they take responsibility for their actions “which you signed off” this language can be overbearing and shows that Lord Sugar has the greatest authority because the candidates constantly have to prove themselves. This is also shown when he points at Tom and uses an imperative verb, which forces him to answer his question “Tom be decisive who should go on this task”. Lord Sugar use of his hand gesture shows aggression and put Tom in a venerable situation.

Lord Sugar doesn’t take turns during the conversation. He regularly interrupts the candidates mid sentence. Zoe “Lord Sugar there was no way/” Lord Sugar “you told me as soon as you saw it you thought oh blimey/” which shows his level of power and authority by not being respectful to them by allowing them to finish what they are saying first, he knows the contestants won’t say anything because they want to be polite and will let him do what he wants.

This can be perceived as rudeness and being disrespectful, however people are aware of Lord Sugar’s status and the fact that the contestants are there to get a job from him, so accepts the fact that his allowed to be rude and careless with his manners.

The conversation is also controlled by Alan; his the gatekeeper

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