Spoken Language and Text Essay

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Explore the view that speaking, texting and/or web-based interactions can be very creative forms of language use.

“English is a rich and fruitful language”, this high concept quote is something that I have heard over and over again throughout my life in education. However to answer this question this quote has to become adjusted towards the question that needs to be answered. An adjustment to this statement would be “speaking and texting are rich and fruitful creative forms of language use”; therefore changing and manipulating the 136 characters of SMS language and spoken language creating new aspects and concepts.

Spoken language has developed throughout millennia and has changed in so many ways, even though English may not have
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To explain in further detail, emoticons can also relate towards spoken languages sarcasm. Sarcasm can be shown by influencing linguistic, spoken words with paralinguistic features such as smiling or raising the tone of voice while speaking. For example emoticons have a sarcastic face which is :/ this is an incredibly powerful influential feature to use when people are texting each other.

“Your hair looks nice today :/” this shows that the person is not complimenting the person but actually insulting the person who this statement is aimed at and changes the whole agenda of the statement/ comment. People have strived and have developed text into a much friendlier, colourful part of language because seeing a proper smiling face inside text does physiologically make you feel happier because it’s not just black and white font but an actual drawing to imply happiness. This is creative because it breaks the bounds of text by taking aspects from spoken language and implementing into text.

However text has become known to influence our spoken language. Omissions from spoken text has started to change our spoken language, this is probably because the average adult texts over 100 messages a day and so that is over 700 messages a week, this is enormous and all these

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