Spirituality Is The Core Of The Humanity Essay

880 Words Jun 27th, 2015 4 Pages
Humanity appears in people’s conversation a lot. However, rarely is spirituality mentioned. We know that spirituality is the core of the humanity that gets lost more often. I am wondering whether this is because we are so driven by the social and cultural acceptance which reluctants to talk about spirituality. Many people including me often think spirituality is the job for very special people such as the famous spiritual leaders. Although everyone may have their own interpretation and definition about spirituality, I was surprised to find out my classmates are highly in agreement. We agreed that spirituality covers pure, authentic, transcendent, personal, connection etc. People who are truly spiritual for me are those who have peace with nature and humans, who reach a harmony with where he/she lives, who he/she interacts with and most importantly with him/herself. For me, being spiritual also includes the following: gratitude, appreciation of outer and inner beauty of everything and people, respect, self acceptance, compassion, tranquility, peace, hope, strength, liberation, connection, generosity, altruism, authentic (uniqueness). These are highly desired universal human virtues ().
We live in a world with the short supply of humanity. We have no time taking care of our inner needs. We were told the sky is our limit and we can achieve anything by hard work. We cannot afford failures and rejections because we need to be successful to survive. We lose tolerance for people…

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