Essay on Speech Recognition Is A Computer Software

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Speech recognition is a computer software that operates computers to distinguish speech and translate it into text. The term recognition refers to the software that recognize or identify the sounds of the speaker rather than the exact words the speaker is saying. It provides people with synchronized captions on recorded videos, television shows and movies. Speech recognition can be found anywhere and many people today are familiar with it. It can be found in Google Chrome, Microsoft, Amazon, computers, laptops, cars or Dragon Drive, at the workplace and especially on phones such as Android or Apple. Google’s Android was the first phone company to release the speech recognition software on their phones. A few years after, Apple released the same software with their devices called Siri, which became popular with many phone users. Because of the provisions that speech recognition has brought, it enabled further advanced society in carrying more data on their phones and in machine learning.
Background and Current Use
Speech recognition systems were invented by Lenny Baum in the 1970s. “It (speech recognition) is one of the fastest growing and commercially most promising applications of natural language technology (Stolcke, 1997).” Users can use this significant software in their workplace, at home, in their cars, and also in hospitals. This software allowed the different platforms to transfer the sound of speech into text onto word documents, emails and captions.…

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