Speech On The 's Speech Essay

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speech I was able to jot a little bit because imam could not see women. The speech was about where we will go after we die. He started explaining that when a person wants to change a location or where she lives we consider many things such as how the life is going to be life style the people there the air the weather that is how you make decision you kind of screen everything until you feel comfortable and then you say I want to take next step knowing that the next step will cost you. There is a lot you leave behind and very little you can carry with you but you do it anyways because you think that is where you are going to be happy. We are going to have journey that cannot be avoided. Our journey might take us in two different directions and what we are doing today and how we are getting prepared for our journey will direct us through our journey. So this is how his speech started and it lasted about 30 minutes. In the middle of the speech his microphone stopped working and it took about a couple minutes to be fixed. Then he made some sort of joke about the issue and continued with his speech. The imam talked very professionally, his voice was clear and he had an accent but he was easy to understand. He often included Arabic within his speech but I was still able to understand the speech. I am familiar with the language even if I did not know what the Arabic words are meant I knew why the imam was using those words. He continued his speech talking about why Allah created…

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