Speech : Lord Blackstone And Stonefell Essay examples

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Preparing to introduce himself, however, the large dwarf put up his hand to stop him. “There is no need for an introduction here. You’re on a fool’s quest, nonetheless, I will introduce myself. I am Lord Blackstone and Stonefell is my keep and I will allow you to rest here for a while, but then you must leave inasmuch as I do not trust outsiders.” Motioning to one of his soldiers, Cross was, thrown into a room, its only attributes, two blankets on the floor, an old table and chair. Placed on the table was a sack with old, moldy bread and a jug of water, which he readily ate and drank and when finished, he rolled himself up in the blanket and went to sleep. The next day or what he thought was the next day, the same soldier escorted him to the gate where he was, met with suspicious gazes, angry stares and hushed whispers. Shouting for the gate to open, the Dwarf looked at him and simply pointed straight to the bedraggled, worn stone path and told one thing, “You can’t miss the tower,” before being shoved through, the gate closing behind him.
Hours passed with Cross, plodding down the potholed pathway, seeing the tower miles before reaching it. The Dwarf had been right because it was so massive that he could not see the top as it climbed into the cave’s darkness. This monolith was ancient, far older than any of the cities he passed through, and to think, only a single Dwarf lived here. Cross ventured closer to the tower, finally reaching his destination, but saw no…

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