Broca's Aphasia Case Studies

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Background and diagnosis:
Mr. Wright is a 38 year old male who was a teacher for 10 years. He had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that he had surgery on. During the surgery, complications caused a hemorrhagic stroke in the left middle cerebral artery. The middle cerebral artery delivers fresh blood to the brain, this incident caused damage to the language areas of the left hemisphere. These complications have also led to hemiparesis on the right side of his body, mainly in his right arm, and impaired language abilities. His Speech Language Pathologist and his neurologist have diagnosed him with Broca’s aphasia. According to the National Aphasia Association, Broca’s aphasia can be referred to as expressive or non-fluent aphasia (2016). This condition is developmental because he did not acquire this condition from any trauma or injuries.
Mr. Wright does not speak and communicate in the same way other adults do. He mainly speaks in short words and phrases, using several interjected pauses like
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Wright’s Broca’s Aphasia has hindered many aspects of his life, including all means of communication. His fluency, naming, and repetition skills have been greatly impaired, but he still has relatively good comprehension. Ever since the stroke, he has non-fluent speak which means that he has difficulty speaking full sentences. His verbal expression has been reduced to a few short words and phrases, consisting mostly of nouns. Mr. Wright also experiences word-finding difficulties and often has trouble constructing sentences or identifying objects. Likewise, he has some trouble comprehending others but it is still decent. He understands best when the other person uses simplified grammar and speaks slowly. Mr. Wright now reads very slowly and often mispronounces the words that he reads. He can understand the text but mostly when it is supported with pictures. His writing skills have greatly diminished and the few words that he can write out often include spelling

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