Speech Delivered By Nelson Mandela Essay

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This text is a transcript of the speech given by Nelson Mandela after being victorious in the South African presidential elections, given to the people of South Africa. It is a speech made with the purpose of creating unity within South Africa, showing gratitude to the people who helped him become the new president, and celebration with great plans for the future, all using an incredibly humble tone, and use of diction throughout the piece.

Many personal pronouns are used within this speech, allowing the audience to be able to feel included, and making the speech closer and more personal to the audience. An example of this is when he states, “Let us build the future together, and toast a better life for the South Africans.” This statement creates a strong sense of unity with the South African audience. It implies that it does not matter what colour or race you are, everyone should get together and celebrate a future that is beneficial to everyone.

Nelson Mandela makes use of imperatives, and alliteration together to create more emphasis in his speech. “For we must, together and without delay, begin to build a better life.” This quote displays imperatives, such as ‘we must’, and ‘without delay’, to persuade the audience to act on the advice, and join together in unity to create a better future for the South African people. This is shown in alliteration, “...begin to build a better life.” Which has the effect of making the phrase easy to remember, and therefore, more likely…

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