Spectra Balanced Scorecard Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Secondly, the balance scorecard, based on stated objectives, should provide the measures that are in place to ensure the achievement of the stated objectives. Finally, initiatives should also be incorporated to ensure that the objectives are achieved. The scorecard designed for SPECTRA is important as it helps the firm in monitoring progress and evaluating performance. For instance, a reduction of the level of industrial action from 35% to 10 % can immensely aid the company in reducing the variable overhead costs, which goes along the way in improving the image of the company and the profitability level. (Should we elaborate on the above?)
Certain pitfalls can affect implementation of the balanced scorecard, but not design of the scorecard. Niven (2006 301-302) identifies ten
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In addition the score is fragmented that it does not provide a unified view with observable recommendations. Often certain schools of thought have faulted the scorecard to be an unrealistic tool that does not incorporate the needs of all stakeholders, it is merely profit driven. (I think this is a bit short, please advice) it might be seen that the balanced scorecard undermined concerns over vagueness in the energetic setting, and that it reduces managers’ opportunities for padding budgets, along with inclination to do so. It also addresses several of the concerns of conventional budgeting related to misdirection of focus and incapability to convert strategic plans into effective targets. However, the balanced scorecard management system has been questioned on a few different

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