Deception In Imagery Units

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Headquarters Special unit was comprised of three primary denial and deception elements; Visual Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Radio; Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Sonic, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) or the beginning of the Measurement and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT).
Deception can be employed to mislead an opponent about the deceivers military, primary material, capabilities, deception in this particular context is also a convenient opportunity to demonstrate some of the potential dangers and possible damage that can result from miscalculations and the wrong application.” (Gooch, 1982) So, the Imagery Units focus on all of the visual aspects of what an army brigade or military unit would look like from the air and significant distance
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By adding to this deception with physical countermeasures included putting visual shielding over some of the fake targets and camouflaging them, as they might normally be in a real unit. The soldiers would further this deception by changing the visual unit identifications on their personal uniforms and the equipment that they were in charge of to match the real unit that they were imitating. These applications of personal identification change helped in the denial of the true nature of this special unit if further add to the realism for the FIS positioned in the local towns and villages. There is even a story of how one of the ghost army officers would mimic a commanding general, and travel between the local towns and municipalizes with an entourage of men, who would visit bars and cafes, and openly discuss their …show more content…
This band of soldiers handled communication deception of German military units. Radio operators created phony radio traffic, they received and transmitted communications using radiotelegraph that would be impersonating radio operators from real units. In fact, these communications specialist had to work with real unit operators, learning their specific codes. This was a known necessity of the US military and it’s allies, as we knew then the Germans were very much at the forefront of intercepting radio transmissions and understanding the idiosyncrasies of the different units radio commands. The Germans were also exceptionally accurate at pinpointing the locations of most all radio signal transmissions. This information and much more of German tactical, strategic information was known because of the men and women of Britain’s highly secret Bletchley Park they had broken the Germans Enigma messages. Thus, these ghost radio operators had to be specific and accurate while making their transmissions to other ghost radio operators whether via hard wire or over the air. Their efforts in the “Setting of the stage,” helped to create what has been called the “atmosphere.” (Kneece, 2001)Mimicking how a real unit maneuvers and what radio calls and transmissions preceded the movement of armor and or other troops and units. Not left out were the daily routine radio checks and calls to the

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