Special Issues Paper

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Special Issues Paper and Presentation
Corbo Mikah
BSCOM/100 Introduction to Communication
November 09, 2015
Mary Lee

Special Issues Paper and Presentation

This is our final assignment for your class, and because of my communication issues with my children, I am writing this paper again and will have to redo all of my presentation. When I started this class, I was stunned because I thought I knew everything I needed about communication. Well as you can guess, I was wrong I have learned quite a bit along this long journey through Introduction to Communication. I am here writing about some of the key points of communication that I have learned and hopefully I will be able to show you that I was able to learn from you and your
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My point to explaining these four words to you, was to explain to you that looks can be deceiving! These four words look completely different, but yet have so much in common and hopefully me words so far have opened your eyes to exactly how much goes into communication now days.

I am a female, so I personally know a little bit about communication between genders and how complex it can be. When it comes to males and females, gender differences can affect communication in numerous ways. For example, women and men's brains develop differently, men's brains develop more gray brain matter which means their brains represent more information processing centers. Women's brains develop more white white brain matter, which means their brains represent more networking between these processing centers. This doesn't mean that men are smarter then women or women smarter then men, it just proves the fact that women and men think differently and tend to do things completely different. "Men often communicate to report, women communicate to establish a rapport." Men approach communication from a content orientation, and women tend to use communication for the purpose of relating or connecting to others.
Technology has affected everyone worldwide, it has also affected different cultures. Different cultures have been able to learn a lot about other cultures then their own. For example, reality shows and television

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