Spartan Women And Athenian Women Essay

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Today, the great ancient Greek civilization is remembered in a myriad of ways. The battles they fought to maintain their independence, with their methodical and strategic combat techniques. The great philosophers, that during their times rummaged through reality to answer the unknown, that defied the customary ways of thinking. The gods and goddesses that gathered the masses with their mystical appeal, and the myths that answered what Greek societies inevitably questioned. However, one thing that appears to be disregarded when venturing into the history of ancient Greece is its women and the roles they held, considering that many facets of ancient Greek history are devoted to men. Of all Greek city- states, it can be said that Athens and Sparta were two of the most influential and prominent, as their extremely differing individualistic attributes were embedded within their constant disagreements. One of the ways in which these two city- states differed was the view of women and their roles. The roles and society’s held expectations of Spartan women and Athenian women were considerably different from one another; their roles, however, evolved as significant events impacted Greek society.

The women of Sparta were a separate entity from that of their male counterparts, which according to Spielvogel, exercising this degree of freedom was not “common for women elsewhere in Greece” (53). Fields, wrote that “adolescent girls underwent an upbringing similar to the boys, far…

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