Essay on Sources Of The Law Of England And Wales

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Sources of the Law in England and Wales

Sovereign Body of Parliament has created the legislation in England and Wales. The sovereign body is three-layer legislation in which Queen plays a formal role, House of Commons creates legislation, which is referred as statues, lastly, the House of Lords, which acts as a supreme court in English law. English Law is one of the largest written laws in the world, and many countries have referred English Law to construct their law, and that is why the law of other European countries are quite like English law. The court uses different rules of construction to interpret legislation and to or ascertains Parliament’s intention. Therefore, different courts have a different point of view and judgment in a similar case. There are mainly four sources of Law in England and Wales namely, The Common Law, Statute Law, European Union Law, and European Convention Law on Human Rights.
This essay is an attempt to assess different sources of law in England and Wales and to analyse the effect of external sources on the development of such sources. In addition to this, the description and nature of each source will be explained in this essay.
Primary Sources of Law
There are four main sources of law in England and Wales that are referred by the court before the declaration of any judgement.
Statutory Law
Statutory law or statute law is the written law. The law may be written by any government authorised body and any state or…

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